Logo & Logomark

Slick and straight-forward. From our classic and recognizable logomark to the bold and steady type design, our logo embodies who we are and what we do as a company.

Below you will find all of the downloads and info you need to properly use our logo.


The MultiCam logo and logomark may be taken on or used only by persons or companies who have been granted the right to do so by contractual agreement.

Our logo

The MultiCam logo is a combination of a logomark (the classic "M") and a logotype set in Montserrat SemiBold.

The byline "A Kongsberg PCS Company" is added to establish the connection with the parent brand. This byline should never be removed from the logo.

Always use the logo files provided above. Never re-create.

Brand guide: Logo spacing

Using the logo on backgrounds

The full-color logo should only be used on white, black, dark blue or orange backgrounds.

Avoid using the full-color logo on photographs, unless it is placed on a white or black part of the image. An exception can be made for photographs that have a dark blue overlay.

Brand guide: Logo usage on backgrounds

Using the logomark

The MultiCam logomark (the classic "M") may only be used as a supporting branding element when sufficient context is present (i.e. full logo, products, etc.). Use of the logomark as the sole branding element is not permitted.

The logomark can only be used in orange or white.

Brand guide: Logomark

Unforgivable curses

Brand guide: Logo don't

Removing the "A Kongsberg PCS Company" byline

Brand guide: Logo don't

Deviating from the pre-defined coloring

Brand guide: Logo don't

Outlining the logo

Brand guide: Logo don't

Resizing disproportionately

Brand guide: Logo don't

Decorating the logo (e.g. adding drop shadows, glows, bevels, etc.)

Brand guide: Logo don't

Recreating the logo with a different typeface

Brand guide: Logo don't

Cropping the logo

Brand guide: Logo don't

Placing the logo at an angle

Brand guide: Logo don't

Placing the logo on an off-brand background