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Training Courses

Purchasing your CNC machinery system is only the first step. Whether you’re a small-time hobbyist, or large corporate fabricator, the more you know about your CNC machinery, the greater chance you’ll have at maximizing your investment.

Application Classes (As Requested)

Cutting accurate pieces for a particular project or material can be overwhelming unless you understand how to produce the best edge quality.

Optimize production with our applications training, which helps you become more productive, more profitable, and less stressed. Open to all, this class is taught by an Applications Specialist based on machine type. Please contact to inquire and schedule class ($1,500/day at DFW Factory or $3,000/day onsite at your location - Cost of travel and accommodations for applications trainer charged separately. 2-day minimum required).

EnRoute Training

Also open to all, two EnRoute courses hosted by the EnRoute Training Team. EnRoute Basic Training “Introduction to EnRoute” – 1 day virtual training class and “Introduction to EnRoute & Advanced 3D” - 2 day virtual training class. If you have questions about our training courses or would like to register for a course, e-mail us at

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