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In-house, tailored to increase cash flow

(for US market only)

Financing (US market only)

We have partnered with Geneva Capital to offer customized financing solutions perfectly suited to your specific needs. Our dedicated finance specialists, working closely with our sales team, offer personalized support to optimize sales cycles, elevate your overall experience, all while driving improvements in your financial metrics.

A quick and easy process

From start to finish, our financing process is quick and easy. With same day approvals, a 98% approval rate and the industry’s best financing options, we are here to provide a customized financing solution alongside our industry-leading CNC machines.

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Why choose MultiCam financing?

Attractive pricing & fixed payments

Low, fixed payments are more easily affordable than paying a large lump sum up-front.

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It’s easy

From our quick credit application to end of term upgrades, the entire process is simple. Get started by completing the quick 5 minute credit application below.

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It’s flexible

Unlike traditional lending, we can customize terms, payment due dates, and more!

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Added cash flow

Defer the first three payments and with low monthly payments, you can generate more income and free up cash for other business needs.

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Tax benefits

We can structure financing to get the best tax advantages for your business with both true tax leases and Section 179 options.

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