Power & precision with a MultiCam CNC cutter

Welcome to the future of precision cutting. Our line of advanced CNC Cutting Machines and CNC Cutter Systems are designed to bring accuracy, efficiency, and quality to all your cutting needs.


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Choose a high-performance CNC Cutter

The MultiCam CNC Cutters are at the forefront of technology, ensuring clean, precise cuts every time. These machines are capable of cutting / routing a wide range of materials, from metal and wood to plastic and foam. With our CNC cutter, your projects will take a leap in quality and precision, meeting the strictest industry standards.

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Available MultiCam CNC cutter machine

broad range materials

Versatile CNC cutting machines

The MultiCam Apex 1R & 3R CNC cutter excel in a wide range of applications from signage, 3D carving, and aluminum fabrication while add on accessories of automatic knife exchange and oscillation knife expand applications to print to cut, gasket, sound and insulation board cutting.

The large, heavy duty CNC cutter format with higher power, cut speeds, and rapid traverse speeds of the Apex 5R CNC router fit perfectly into marine and aerospace fabrication, thick aluminum fabrication, and any large sheet or pendulum process operation.

A precision cutting router

With repeatability of just 1/1000th of an inch, you get an accurate cut every single time. Every MultiCam cutting router comes with customizable options for varying application needs.

The 5000 series allows you to rout the largest pieces, while the Apex 5R, 3R, and 1R come in the most common standard sizes for any production facility.

5000 series router

Comes with easy to use software

All MultiCam CNC cutting machines come loaded with proprietary, and easy-to-use software, so it’ll be simple to start cutting with extreme precision right away.

A wide network of service engineers

MultiCam provides support their global customers with a network of sales, service and process application experts. Your investment in a CNC cutter machine is safe!

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How to make money with a CNC cutter machine

Want to discover how to make money with a CNC cutter machine? Download this free guide today!