An intro to CNC machinery

January 15, 2019

What is CNC machinery

CNC is an acronym for “Computer Numerical Control.” Essentially, CNC machinery is a computer operated mechanism which precisely cuts or engraves complex shapes in metal, plastic, stone, wood, and a range of various medium types. In order to accurately cut or engrave a design, a programmer must map a numerical code through CAD (Computer-aided Design) and/or CAM (Computer-aided Manufacturing) software which is interpreted by the computer and used as a blueprint or template.

What type of CNC machinery is there?

CNC machines are designed relatively the same but their cutting methods differ. Depending on the manufacturing industry or the finished product requirements, there is a CNC machine for nearly any application. CNC machinery can be found in the following types listed below.

  • Router: Utilizes rotary cutters (similar to drill bits) to remove material
    • Ideal for signs, graphics, cabinet making, and cutting thin sheet metal
  • Digital Finishing (Knife): Utilizes different types of blades to precisely cut material
    • Ideal for cutting cardboard, textile shops, foam, and cloth
  • Plasma: Combines certain gases and an igniter to cut material
    • Ideal for machine manufacturing, structural steel, and HVAC manufacturers
  • Waterjet: Utilizes highly pressurized water to cut material
    • Ideal for aerospace, cutting metals, glass, ceramics, and nearly anything
  • Laser:Utilizes ball screw drives and fiber laser to cut material
    • Ideal for cutting aluminum, composites, medical devices, and plastics

With a wide range of cutting methods, we strongly suggest to keep in mind, what you’re attempting to achieve not only for the present but for the future to suit your business needs.

What is CNC machinery used for?

Our customers utilize their CNC machines for a range of industries which specialize in 3D carving, acrylic and aluminum fabrications, aerospace, cabinetry, and much more! With endless possibilities to create and manufacture unique pieces, the only limit is your own imagination.

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