How to make sure you invest wisely in a CNC machine

May 31, 2017

A CNC machine is an “investment,” not an “expense.” If you think of it as a cost, you’re only going to focus on money, and not what the CNC machine can do for your business.

The right quality machinery can be a huge asset to your company. You can get jobs done faster with greater quality. You can take on a wider array of work. You don’t have to service it as frequently, which keeps you running and producing.

An investment grows your business. An expense simply takes money.

With that difference in mind, how do you know you’re making a wise investment in the CNC machine you’re considering? Consider some of the points below:

Have You Experienced a Live Demo of the CNC Machine?

Ideally, you experience the CNC machine you’re considering in person. A distributor or builder may offer one if they’re nearby. You may even have a business contact who will let you take a look at their machinery. Some CNC machinery manufacturers may offer low financing terms that allow you to pay little for using the CNC machine, which essentially works like a demo.

How Was the CNC Machine Manufactured?

Which components were manufactured by the company, and which did they purchase? Who was the supplier? What’s their reputation? For the manufacturer, do they have registered patents you can check? Do they use unique designs to offer benefits and features you can’t get with other manufacturers? Get a list of all suppliers involved in the manufacturing of the CNC machine so you can research the entire machine.

Check the Inspection Report and Do Your Own Inspection

Ask to see the inspection report for the CNC machine you’re considering. And then, do your own inspection of each component. Check all electrical wiring. See that the cabinet’s properly filtered and sealed. Examine the casting, fit and finish of the sheet metal, and listen to and watch the cutting parts as they run. Good manufacturers know great customers do these things. So they should be excited when you ask to do both.

Scour the Web To Learn about Post-Sale Support

You can ask any company, and they’ll tell you they offer great support. It’s more credible coming from other customers. Fortunately, you can easily find them by going to any of the many CNC forums online. Just go and ask people for their experiences with various companies.

You’ll quickly learn the true reputation of the company you’re considering.

You’re making a big investment. So, you might as well make sure you’re doing it right. And if you follow these steps, you’ll end up making a wise decision that makes you happy and grows your business.

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