Why you should consider CAD/CAM nesting software

November 29, 2017

Today, customers need you to take on lower-volume jobs and turn them around in tight time frames, but only with limited resources. What used to be a tall order has now become a standard request.

What can you do to meet stiff customer demands?


Though we’re not to the point of pushing a button and watching a CNC machine do the job for you, you can save serious time with CAD/CAM nesting software.

Here’s how:

Reduce the Amount of Material You Use

Modern nesting software improves your yield. You can create layouts that allow parts to use a common edge.

This reduces cut time, scrap, gas, and sometimes consumables. You can also use nesting software to manage data about your parts, which can help you save several thousand dollars in a year, even if you have inexperienced operators.

Improve Your Production Efficiency

CAD/CAM nesting software uses the latest algorithms to optimize cutting paths, boost capacity, minimize cutting time, and improve part quality. Combined, they all do a lot to improve your production efficiency.

Automate Other Manual Labor Processes

CAD/CAM nesting software integrates fully with your ERP system. By doing this, they can save you additional manual labor.

For example, the work order can be automated and your inventory tracked. These jobs all used to require people.

You can increase your production capacity, and even decrease the personnel needed to support it.

Efficiently Manage Your Manufacturing Processes

For example, let’s say you get a design file from a customer for an entire assembly. Your CAD/CAM software can separate all the individual parts, identify the most efficient way to manufacture each, and create the code for all your CNC machines to cut each part.

Then, it schedules the work.

How many hours does it take you, and what are your costs, for doing the same right now?

Automate a Week’s Worth of Manufacturing in Just Minutes

Here’s where the efficiency and savings become amazing. This software is so efficient, it can schedule an entire week of manufacturing processes in only minutes.

What difference would that level of efficiency make to your CNC business?

The smartest shops don’t just use technology because it’s new. They use it strategically to improve their operations.

Does CAM/CAD nesting software make sense for your company? Only you can decide. And now you have the benefits necessary to make an informed decision.

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