7 cost-saving benefits of CNC waterjets

October 31, 2017

Why would you get a CNC waterjet?

You can get all kinds of different CNC machinery.

So if you’re evaluating the different CNC machine types, here’s why you’d consider a CNC waterjet:

Cut a Wide Variety of Materials

When it comes to cutting versatility, you don’t get any more flexibility than you do with a CNC waterjet. You’ll never have to outsource another cutting job. And, you can take on more jobs immediately. So, not only do you save on costs. But, you grow your revenue too.

Quality Finish with Every Cut Improves Your Productivity

With many CNC machines, you have to do some finishing work to complete the project and end up with a satisfied customer. However, a waterjet creates a smooth, clean cut the first time. No need to do additional sanding to clean up the cut.

Environmental Friendliness Means You Don’t Have to Spend

Waterjet cutting doesn’t vent noxious waste gasses into the air. You don’t even have to think about how it affects the environment. That means you don’t have to spend money on environmentally friendly measures. Don’t waterjets use a lot of water? No. While they use water, they use it efficiently.

Faster Cut Speeds Improve Your Productivity Even More

You just can’t top a waterjet’s cutting speed. You can cut up to 2700 IPM, which makes it one of the fastest CNC machines available. So, you can complete more jobs in less time. You have lower operating costs. And since you get high quality the first time around, you really get a two-for-one on productivity with waterjet cutting.

Save on Raw Materials

Waterjets have a small cutting width. That means they remove less material. And to you, that also means costs saved on raw materials.

No Need for Starting Holes

With other machinery, you may have to take the time to drill starting holes so work can begin. Not so with waterjet cutting. Even more time and money saved right there.

Get Your Prototypes Out Fast

Prototyping can take a lot of time. But, it takes less than it would normally with waterjets because of their fast cutting. That saves time as you test various prototypes. It improves your time-to-market. It’s really tough to calculate exactly how much time and money you save during the prototyping process.

CNC waterjets clearly have large potential to save you time and money. And now you have insight on just how they do that and can decide whether one makes sense for your business.

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