4 Ways to boost the productivity you get from CNC machining

September 29, 2017

One of the leading benefits CNC machinery offers is increased productivity. However, you also have to use that machinery in the most efficient way possible to get the most productivity from yours.

You might be brand new to CNC machining. Or, you might have someone in your shop who is. Sometimes, it can be easy to ignore the basics and get right to it.

There’s something to be said for making mistakes, failing fast, and learning. If you’re in the adjustment phase, here’s some simple ways you can increase your efficiency with CNC machining:

Know Your Power Requirements Before You Install Your CNC Machine

What type of power supply does your shop need to get maximum performance from all its other machinery, and its CNC machines too? You don’t want to install your machinery and experience regular power outages. So make sure you do the necessary calculations and have the appropriate infrastructure in place to make the installation go as smooth as possible.

One-Time Projects Can Be Profitable

With one-time projects, you have to exercise your own judgment as to whether they make sense to take on or not. Don’t write them off simply because they’re outside of the norm.

If nothing else, try and do a test. The best businesses constantly take risks, fail, learn, and then move forward.

Take on a one-time project to make a customer happy. See if word-of-mouth turns that project type into a consistent revenue stream.

Market-leading CNC shops do an average of around 2,000 different projects per year. Average companies take on 5,000. So, you have some room to experiment and learn.

Double-Up on Your Time Saved

While your CNC machine operates, move on to the next and begin setting up your next project. Or, have your employees take on another task. Make sure you employees always have a list of options so they can skyrocket productivity while their CNC machine operates.

Consider adding performance bonuses to boost their interest in this.

Optimize CNC Production for One Operator

Do you have CNC jobs that sometimes have such heavy materials that more than one operator is needed to do the job? How can you create a system that reduces the number of operators required to just one?

Not only does this improve efficiency, but it reduces mistakes, costs, and the potential for injury.

Keeping your workplace processes efficient isn’t easy. After a while, business grows and changes so fast you suddenly find yourself operating inefficiently again.

It’s an ongoing process. And you need to treat it as such. Continue your focus on your productivity and efficiency, and you’ll find yourself remaining in front of your competition.

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