4 Tips for starting and growing your own CNC business

January 24, 2017

Where’s your CNC shop in its life cycle? Are you a rookie or a seasoned veteran? Do you have one machine or multiple machines that constantly manufacture? Are you a bustling factory with a long list of customers you need to keep happy?

Regardless of where you’re manufacturing capabilities are at, you can benefit from the tips below:

1. First, focus on mastering one thing

This holds true especially for new CNC machine shops. As your business grows, you can diversify but first, you must master one method or production. Once you’ve began to produce consistent and quality results, customers come easier and stay with you longer.

Consistency and stability is the key to remaining in business. First, achieve a perfect balance before you start looking into other things to attract a whole new market or production.

2. Build a strong network of contacts

Make sure you have a method for reaching out to new and additional contacts so you can grow your network. One great customer experience can lead to another and it can possibly gain even larger traction by a word-of-mouth reference. Be sure to complete time-sensitive jobs on time and provide a quick turn-around to give your customers and contacts a reason to come back to you for work.

3. Consider customizing your own components

By providing customers with custom components, it diversifies your business from the rest. Be capable of creating something no one else can in order to promote customers to regularly come-back and attract new designs.

It could even be something as simple as special bicycle components. If you have a specialty piece you can produce and sell, that’s a big plus for the grow of your business.

4. Expand as your revenue allows

Make sure you have the demand in place, before considering expansion. As demand grows for your services and products, then you can acquire more machinery and potentially more staff. Remember, only purchase new machinery when it’s cost-efficient.

Once you’ve got these tips down, create a plan for the future of your production capabilities. Consider diversification along the way. That protects your business, just in case one arm of it suddenly loses demand.

If you keep these points in mind as your grow your CNC manufacturing, it will help set a path to success and grow for the future.

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