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DALLAS, TX (May 2019) – MultiCam East, a leading distributor of innovative CNC cutting solutions is set to exhibit at the EASTEC Tradeshow in West Springfield, Massachusetts on May 14-16, 2019.

MultiCam East will be showcasing the 5000 Series CNC Router, Magnus CO2 Laser, and the V-Series CNC Waterjet during the EASTEC Tradeshow in their booth# 1035 which is located in Building 1 of the Eastern States Exposition. Each machine will be performing live CNC cutting demonstrations, on various types of substrates to demonstrate the manufacturing potential MultiCam machinery yields.

“The EASTEC trade show is a great opportunity to showcase MultiCam’s highly innovative CNC technology for attendees on the east coast of the United States. The 5000 Series Router is a real work-horse as it offers powerful cutting capabilities that can be applied to numerous manufacturing applications. The V-Series Waterjet is one of the most versatile machines we offer as it can cut through nearly any type of material which opens up new avenues to production processes. MultiCam systems are proudly built in the USA ensuring quality workmanship and a machine that is built to last,” says MultiCam’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Philip Fassnacht.

Attendees will have the opportunity to receive cut samples and consult with MultiCam East’s highly-trained sales, engineers, and applications staff on which MultiCam CNC system would best suit their budget and cutting application. For free RSVP tickets to the EASTEC Tradeshow, courtesy of MultiCam East, please must register here.

About MultiCam Inc.,

Founded in 1989, MultiCam has since then manufactured over 13,000 CNC Routers, Digital Cutters, Lasers, Plasmas, and Waterjet machines out of their Dallas/Fort Worth Texas headquarters. MultiCam’s CNC technology are known for their ease-of-use, precision, and reliability and are used for a wide range of industries and manufacturing applications. A global network of highly trained staff supports MultiCam, which includes 60 technology centers around the world with 20 Technology Centers across North America alone.

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