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DALLAS, TX (December 2018) – Known for their intuitive CNC machinery, MultiCam announces their all-new Celero Series line of Digital Cutting machines.

Engineered to complement the fast-paced printing industry of today, MultiCam’s Celero Series Digital Cutters are complete turnkey solutions for the graphics industry and offer some of the fastest cutting speeds in the industry to date. The Celero Series Digital Cutters are easy-to-use advanced flatbed-cutting systems for both rigid and flexible substrates. Manufactured to meet the exact specifications of each business, the Celero Series Digital Cutters come with an impressive list of standard features as well as available customizable options.

“With the introduction of the all-new Celero Series Family of Digital Cutters, we’re able to offer a product that will greatly improve how small or large businesses manufacture their products. MultiCam’s proven motion and cutting expertise is reflected in the capabilities of the Celero and is a game-changer for the graphics industry,” says Director of Global Sales and Marketing, Philip Fassnacht.

The entry-level model, the Celero 3 Series, is an economic and fully capable cutter/router solution designed for small or mid-sized grand format printers. The mid-level model, the Celero 5 Series, features both powerful routing capabilities and offers knife cutting speeds of up to 4,000 inches per minute (IPM). The upper-level model, the Celero 7 Series, provides end-users unparalleled routing capabilities as well as the fastest knife cutting speeds in the industry to date at 7,800 inches per minute (IPM).

Head to MultiCam’s website, for more information about the Celero Series Family of Digital Cutters.

Since 1989, MultiCam Inc. has manufactured nearly 13,000 CNC (computer numerical control) cutting solutions for various industries around the world. The innovative company integrates advanced technology and value into highly productive systems that are easy-to-use and built to last. MultiCam manufactures CNC Router, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, and Knife cutting machines at its 108,000-square-foot facility in North Texas. A global network of experts supports MultiCam which includes 60 locations worldwide with 20 Technology Centers across North America.

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