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CAD/CAM Software Training – EnRoute Advanced (Online)

Course Name: E Advanced

Course Dates: July 7th – 8th

Hours: 9:30am – 3pm w/ lunch break and afternoon break

Prerequisite: Open to all. Enrollment limited to 4 students.

2-day software training course led by an experienced user that will start with relief cut demonstration introduction and class drawing projects. General course outline will cover basic reliefs, mesh, textures, bitmap, masks, and toolpathing.

Customers must have EnRoute loaded on their computer they are going to use and must have a dual monitor or dual screen setup before the class starts. After the customer finishes the class they will be rewarded with a certificate of completion that the trainer will ask the customer to sign and be sent back for our records and the customers records. Class will be a total of 4 hours long per day.

The classes will be recorded for training purposes.  Classes must be used within 180 days of payment otherwise training expires. If a customer calls in after the 180 days and wants back in the class a $150 dollar processing fee will be charged. If you pay for the basic class and do not attend or only attend 1 day we do not give a refund.

End-User Fee:
$1500 per class and $750 for additional member of same company.




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