V-Pro Series CNC Plasma

The V-Pro CNC Plasma delivers reliable high-speed performance and quality cuts with a low-cost investment.

V-Pro Series CNC PlasmaV-Pro Series CNC Plasma

MultiCam V-Pro Series CNC PlasmaV-Pro Series CNC Plasma – Dependable High-speed Performance


The V-Pro Series CNC Plasma works perfectly for cutting a variety of metals including mild and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Whether you do a wide range of jobs, signs, or fabricate marine, automotive, or oil field equipment, the V-Pro-Series CNC Plasma gives you a precision cut.

The V-Pro Series exclusively features an all-steel water table with water-leveling bladder. This gives you a level of precision cutting you simply can’t find with any other plasma cutting system. The water table also eliminates the need for any fume evacuation, which makes it capable of accurately cutting 1.25” / 32 mm thick material.

The Hypertherm Plasma Cutting System Cuts Fast with Amazing Quality

Hypertherm cutting torches offer a wide cutting capacity. They have an impressive consumable life. The V-Pro series uses Hypertherm’s MAXPRO200, which is specifically engineered for heavy-duty mechanized cutting.

The standard automatic torch height (ATH) control gets automatically adjusted based on the cutting parameters set. That eliminates the time and planning you may need to make otherwise. The V-Pro Series also has an optional plate rider that allows you to cut sheet metal.

Finally, the V-Pro Series also comes with MultiCam’s excellent reputation for customer service. With locations across the globe, you always have a support technician nearby ready to help.

Call our sales team today at 972.929.4070 to learn more about the V-Pro Series CNC Plasma cutting system, and how it can help you make the precision cuts you need.

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