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MultiCam Partners with UNT Engineering

MultiCam had the privilege to sponsor three UNT Mechanical Engineering teams for their 2018 Senior Design Day Projects. Each team was tasked with mechanically improving original designs of MultiCam machines for their Senior Capstone Projects. The three teams are shown below:

Team Saturn – Rotary Tool Changer (with the Cover)


Ryan McCarthy, Jonathan Shockey, Gabriel McAdams, Emily Smith, Jessie Ross

Team Level Jet – Waterjet Height Sensor


Brian Espinoza, Yang Phan, Corey Holmes, Nicholas Monroe


Team Vader – Downdraft Plasma Table


Aaron Avellanet, Sergio Patino, Ryan Maloney, Jose DeLeon, Brandon Locklear


The teams were led by two MultiCam Engineers and made up of 4 to 5 students. Each team dedicated approximately 5 to 10 hours per week throughout their final two semesters at UNT for their design and fabricating process. Similar to a “real world experience,” the teams were each given a deadline and proposed budget in order to take their designs from drawings to physical pieces. MultiCam’s criteria for the students was to make their designs aesthetically pleasing, design improvement, and remain under budget (profitable).

Other than a general direction and supply of resources, the students were given creative room to interpret how their designs should look and function. Based on different designs in each respective market, each team researched and modeled their designs on what they believe worked best. Each Teams final design was drafted in Solid Works and a majority of it was fabricated by hand (per UNT class requirements).


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