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EnRoute Block Training (Online)

Course Name: E Block Training

Course Dates: Scheduled upon request

Hours: 2 & 4 hour block sessions

Prerequisite: Must have basic experience with EnRoute

2 – 4 hour block sessions with MultiCam Professional intended to provide specific training on certain projects or features inside of EnRoute. This is to help customer learn more about a specific part of EnRoute and is not intended to be a complete training class.

We will need to know what type of training or help is needed from the customer before we start training and we ask that the customer fill out the Multicam/Enroute Block Training Form. The classes will be recorded for training purposes.  Classes must be used within 180 days of payment otherwise training expires. If a customer calls in after the 180 days and want to complete their block of training a $150 dollar processing fee will be charged. If you pay for a 2 or 4 hour session and only use part of the time we do not comp the rest of the time nor do we give a refund.

End-User Fee:
$300 for 2 hours. $600 for 4 hours. Only one block can be purchased at a time


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