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3000 Series CNC waterjet

The 3000 Series CNC waterjet cutter is an easy-to-use and affordable cutting solution for a wide variety of materials. With waterjet machining, you get an impeccably accurate cut without an edge impacted by heat.

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Simple yet effective workflow

EZ Control G-Code and EZ Suite software ensures smooth and accurate operation by all your employees. Forklift tubes are built right in the 3000 Series for easy transport. Also, if you need to make a pure water cut that doesn’t require abrasive, you can make the transition fast.

effective workflow
cutting applications

Customization unlocks cutting applications

There are 8 different options for customization to choose from so you can meet all your cutting applications. With a cut speed of 1,500 IPM and rapid traverse speed of 2,100 IPM the 3000 Series Waterjet works quickly enough to get your project done by your deadline, without sacrificing cut quality.

Versatility in cutting

The real reason, however, you’d get the 3000 Series CNC Waterjet is for its versatility in cutting applications. You can cut any material accurately, and without a heat-affected edge, ranging from steel to stone or plastic. And you can cut for any industry, starting with simple sign making and structural steel and getting as precise as aerospace.

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Plastics
endless possibilities

Say yes to endless possibilities

The 3000 Series CNC waterjet makes your company a trustworthy production partner in these applications:

  • Automotive fabrication
  • Aerospace
  • Glass/ceramics
  • Construction
  • Ornamental metal
  • Structural steel
  • Sign making
  • Metal fabrication
  • HVAC

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When you choose to invest in our cnc waterjet cutters, you also get MultiCam’s amazing customer service. With more than 70 locations in our global network of experts, MultiCam customer service is easy to access when you need help.


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