Arcos Bridge & Rail CNC plasma cutter

The Arcos Bridge & Rail CNC Plasma Cutter offers a low-cost solution for high demanding manufacturing demands.

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No heat damage

Since the motion platform is independent of the cutting surface, the Arcos Bridge & Rail CNC Plasma Cutter does not experience heat damage normally associated with the Plasma or Oxy-Fuel (Acetylene) cutting processes.

no heat damage
integrated material database

An integrated material database

The Arcos Bridge & Rail CNC Plasma Cutter is a host to multiple features, you simply can’t go wrong when it comes to this fabrication machine! This system features an integrated material database so you can simply use a menu-drive system to adjust feed rate, pierce-delay, pierce-height, and many other options automatically.

All steel construction

The Arcos Bridge & Rail CNC Plasma Cutter is made up of an all steel construction which is extremely rigid and reduces vibrations to keep your cut quality as pristine as possible.

all steel construction
cut wide range of materials

Benefits of the Arcos Bridge & Rail CNC plasma cutter

Cut a wide range of materials

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Diamond plate
  • Expanded metal
  • Galvanized

Say yes to endless possibilities

  • Machine manufacturing
  • Armored vehicles
  • Automotive fabrication
  • Construction
  • Decorative fencing
  • Job shops
  • Structural steel
  • Marine fabrication
  • Oil field equipment
  • Sign making
  • Metal fabrication
  • HVAC
precision and quality

Superior customer service

All our CNC plasma tables are backed by MultiCam’s reputation for amazing customer service. With office locations across the globe, you can always find the help you need. You simply can’t go wrong with a MultiCam CNC machine.

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