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20 Ways to make money with a CNC Router

When investing in a CNC Router you want to optimize its usage for a swift return on investment. To maximize the ROI and ensure the machines are utilized effectively, consider these 20 ingenious money-making strategies.

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By adopting the strategies for the following topics, you can ensure that your investment in our CNC router translates into a quick and substantial return on investment.

Signage Production

Custom Furniture Production

Prototype Manufacturing

Architecture Model Making

Engraving Services

Custom Coffin Design

Designing & Selling 3D Wall Panels

Boat Building

Creating Molds

Restoration Work

Crafting Stamps and Dies

Specialty Manufacturing for Artists

Automotive Parts

Kid-Friendly & Sustainable Wooden Toys

Production of Custom Doors and Windows

Movie & Theater Set Design

Custom Display Cases

Film & TV Props

Creating Pet Products

Leasing CNC Time

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