1000 Series CNC Router

The 1000 Series CNC Router provides maximum flexibility and affordability while delivering a clean, smooth edge.

1000 Series CNC Router1000 Series CNC Router

Multicam 1000 Series Low Cost CNC Router1000 Series Low Cost CNC Router – Perfect for Low-speed Cutting

With the 1000 Series CNC router, you get a lightweight, low cost CNC router with a compact working area perfect for cuts that require lower cutting speeds.

MultiCam’s spent more than 15 years fine-tuning the operation of this CNC router. With the 1000 Series, you get more standard features than any other competing option. At a maximum cutting speed of up to 550 IPM, you’ll get a nice fine finish for low-speed cutting applications.

Of all our CNC routers, it also has the lowest rapid traverse speed by far, coming in at 850 IPM.The fine-cutting capability of the 1000 Series makes it useful in a number of situations, which include 3-D carving, aluminum fabrication, sign-making, and marine fabrication. And it’s perfect for cutting wood, plastics, non-ferrous metal, and composite metal. With a repeatability of 1/1000th of an inch, you get a consistently excellent cut. A strong durable steel frame gives you long product life and eliminates vibration, which gives you a smooth cut every time. Precision datums further enhance the accuracy of each cut you make.

An included productivity software suite means that no matter the size or scope of your project, you always get it done quickly and efficiently. In addition, with automatic calibration, you’re ready to cut almost immediately. Finally, the Gantry tube was made from aircraft-quality aluminum extrusion, which minimizes chip contamination and swarf.

To learn more about the 1000 Series CNC router and to discuss customizable options, call MultiCam today at 972.929.4070.

Standard Features

  • MultiCam EZ Control®
  • Solid-steel frame with precision datums
  • High-frequency 4-HP spindle
  • 12 MB memory with unlimited file-size transfers
  • Automatic tool calibration
  • High-speed three-axis motion controller
  • Precision dual X-axis drives
  • Cast dust collector shroud/pressure foot
  • Productivity Software Suite
  • (Features subject to change without notice)


  • Phenolic grid top with or without vacuum zoning
  • Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
  • MultiVision Digital Registration System
  • CAD/CAM software
  • (Options subject to change without notice)


  • 25mm linear bearing profile rails
  • Z-axis clearance: 4.5”
  • Cut speed: 550 IPM
  • Rapid traverse: 850 IPM
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.001”
  • Drive system X and Y-axis: rack and pinion
  • Drive system Z-axis: lead screw
  • (Specifications subject to change without notice)

Materials Cut

  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Composite metals


  • 3-D carving
  • Aluminum fabrication
  • Sign-making
  • Marine fabrication

Basic Information

  • Working area: 50” x 100” to 84” x 170”
  • Rapid traverse: 850 IPM
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.001”
  • Weight: 2,612 to 4,988 lbs.
  • Work surface: aluminum T-Plate extrusion
Multicam 1000 Series CNC Router Size Chart1000 Serie CNC Fräse1000 Serie CNC FräseMulticam 1000 Series CNC Router Topview Schematic
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