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Do You Use DNC to Maximize Your Efficiency?


You may have heard DNC called:

Direct numerical control
Distributed numerical control
Downloaded numerical control

Whatever the name you know, it all refers to the same thing. It simply refers to the fact that you can network all your CNC machines to a single computer. If you’re a small job shop short on time and teetering on the edge of massive growth, DNC could be exactly what you need to maximize your efficiency and uptime so you get the most out of your CNC machinery.

Take a minute to learn more about some of the unique benefits of DNC:

Skyrocket Your Efficiency

A single CNC operator can control as many machines as their talent allows with DNC. If you have a highly skilled workforce, or one capable of learning DNC quickly, you can drive your production efficiency through the roof.

Get Up-to-the-Second Information about Your CNC Machinery

One of your CNC machines isn’t running when it shouldn’t be. Does one need a quick repair to get back into production?
Find out about it immediately. Don’t learn after having a conversation with one of your workers during lunch.

Stay Protected from External Security Threats

You hear about all the nightmare stories where Chinese or Russian hackers enter into business’s mission-critical systems. This happens more often at small companies than they’d like to admit. Because, while the breaches to big-name businesses with consumer information make the headlines, hackers know the smaller guys carry much less (if any) protection.

So, smaller companies like yours are an easy target. Hackers today can take control of your network and force you to pay them money to regain access using “ransomware.”

However, DNC doesn’t require you to be on the internet. So, with no physical way to access your DNC network, you have 100% security from external hackers. And you don’t need to hire an expensive IT team to handle your security, either. That’s valuable today.

You Don’t Need an Expensive, State-of-the-Art DNC Network

DNC doesn’t generate a high volume of traffic on your network once installed. So, you don’t have to shell out lots of capital to make the upgrade to DNC happen.

When you monitor your DNC network using event monitoring (when something important happens with one of your CNC machines), this generates much less data and traffic than persistent monitoring. And since the data load’s light, you don’t need additional file servers or cloud storage to keep it. You can simply store it on local disk space.

Yes, DNC really works like that.

DNC Often Makes Sense

We can’t make the final decision for your shop. But you might consider DNC for these reasons, and especially so if you’re a small shop with large growth aspirations.


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