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CNC Machinery Training Courses – Expanding CNC Knowledge and Application

Purchasing your CNC machinery system is only the first step. Whether you’re a small-time hobbyist, or large corporate fabricator, the more you know about your CNC machinery, the greater chance you’ll have at maximizing your investment.

Application Classes (As Requested)

Cutting accurate pieces for a particular project or material can be overwhelming unless you understand how to produce the best edge quality. Optimize production with our applications training, which helps you become more productive, more profitable, and less stressed. Open to all, this class is taught by an Applications Specialist based on machine type. Please contact to inquire and schedule class ($500/day at DFW factory).

Machine Operator Training

This all-day hands-on training teaches you to cut common materials utilizing MultiCam Fast Start procedures and our Suite 4 machines communications software. Open to all, additional topics include: handheld keypad keys and menu items, file execution, Suite 4 Job Console and Job Editor, proximity restart, and basic maintenance procedures.

CAD/CAM Software Training

Also open to all, this 2-day course teaches you to use EnRoute Plus and Pro, AlphaCam 3 Axis, and standard-to-advanced operations of Suite 4 programs, including Job Console, Job Editor, and EZGCode. Led by an experienced specialist, other topics include 3D basics, CAD drawing and modifications tools, toolpathing strategies, and ordering, nesting, and outputting CNC files.

Each course is available upon request, and is held at our MultiCam facility in Dallas, Texas. Cost is $500 per company. Additional individuals from the same company may enroll for $150 per person.

If you have questions about our CNC machinery training courses or would like to register for a course, e-mail us at

Training Courses

Hover on course title for details.

Machine Operator Training

May 19, June 9, June 30

Class Dates: May 19, June 9, June 30)
Hours: 9am – 4pm w/Lunch Provided

Prerequisite: Open to all (Enrollment limited to 6 students)

One day hands-on training for operating a MultiCam CNC to cut common materials utilizing Fast Start procedures and machine communications software.

Topics to be covered: Handheld keypad keys and menu items, file execution, proximity restart, basic maintenance procedures, and operator tips & tricks.

End-User Fee: $500 per person / per day. Half-price for each additional person from same company.

MultiCam Factory
1025 West Royal Lane
Dallas, Texas 7561

*Class must have a minimum of 2 attendees.

CAD/CAM Software Training – EnRoute Plus

May 24-25, June 7-8, June 28-29

Course Name: E Plus
Hours: 9am – 4pm w/ Lunch Provided

Prerequisite: Open to all. Enrollment limited to 8 students.

2-day software training course led by an experienced user that will teach CAD drawing and modification tools as well as toolpathing strategies. General course outline will cover basic CAD and toolpathing, ordering, nesting, and outputting CNC files.

There is limited number of classroom laptops for training and students are strongly encouraged to provide their own laptops for class. EnRoute Training software version will be installed during class.

End-User Fee:
$500 per day. Maximum 3 attendees from one company.

MultiCam Factory
1025 West Royal Lane
Dallas, Texas 75261

* Class must have a minimum of 3 attendees

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