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Testing 3000 Series Dual- Knife Router with MultiVision

Happy hump day MultiCamers!

Today at the MultiCam headquarters we are testing the 3000 Series Dual-Knife Configuration with MultiVision. This machine has gone through the various stages of production (welding, stress relieving, painting, mill and grid, etc.) and is nearly ready to be shipped to the customer. The machine is placed in the assembly bay, where it is fully assembled and thoroughly tested and inspected.

Once the machine is assembled, the production tester has the important role to make sure that everything on the machine is working properly. After the tester inspects and approves the machine, our quality control staff will review the construction of the machine to ensure the best quality and accuracy. If everything is approved, then the machine can be shipped to the customer.

Below are pictures of the testing phase of the machine.


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