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Monday July 2nd, 2018

DALLAS, TX (July 2018) – Known for their industry leading CNC machinery, MultiCam will be showcasing their high precision CNC Routers at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) Tradeshow in Atlanta, GA on August 22-25, 2018. From entry-level to high volume production, MultiCam offers U.S.A. designed and built CNC Routers for nearly all types of applications


MultiCam Partners with UNT Engineering

Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

MultiCam had the privilege to sponsor three UNT Mechanical Engineering teams for their 2018 Senior Design Day Projects. Each team was tasked with mechanically improving original designs of MultiCam machines for their Senior Capstone Projects. The three teams are shown below: Team Saturn – Rotary Tool Changer (with the Cover) Team Level Jet – Waterjet Height Sensor Team


Have You Replaced Your Collets and Tool Holders?

Tuesday January 9th, 2018

Collets can be damaged without any visible signs. The most common problem is metal fatigue. An easy way to see if there is metal fatigue is to insert the tool shank into the back of the collet and then try it in the front side. If the tightness is not the same both ways, then

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