Unparalleled performance and pristine cut quality

CNC Celero

The MultiCam Celero Digital Finishing System seamlessly balances speed and precision all in one package.

CNC CeleroCNC Celero

CNC Celero – The Digital Finishing Solution

Engineered to provide end-users with unparalleled performance as well as pristine cut quality, the Celero utilizes linear motors to reach acceleration speeds of 1.2 G’s. This Celero Digital Finishing system offers cutting speeds of up to 3,500 inches per minute as well as 12,000 inches per minute maximum traverse speed. This helps end-users substantially reduce sheet-to-sheet time and help maximize production speeds and workflow.


The Celero features a unique modular design allows for easy transportation through double door entryways but offers a robust 3×4 meter (9.8 x 13.1 feet) cutting area for large projects.

Combined with a conveyor system and automatic tool changing capabilities for both the spindle and knife help the end-user by conveniently and effectively integrating into work processes.


  • 3kw 50K RPM HSD Spindle
  • Automatic knife tool changing system
  • High Speed Linear Motors
  • High flow vacuum table
  • 2″ Cut Capacity
  • Digital Ac servo drives
  • 3 independent Z-Axis heads
  • 5 linear knife tool changing stations
  • 5 linear spindle tool changing stations
  • Integrated workstation
  • Multivision
  • Automatic tool calibration
  • Automatic surfacing
  • Integrated laser for setting home
  • Electrical oscilating Knife
  • Quad 20mm X-Axis linear rails
  • Linear Encoder system
  • Fits Thru standard 60″ Door


  • Conveyor system
  • Up to 16 tool changing stations
  • Full complement of knife tools


  • Rapid Traverse 12,700 IPM
  • Repeatability +/- .001″
  • 3″ Z-Axis clearance


  • Foam
  • Acrylic
  • Fabric
  • Cardboard
  • Leather
  • Corrugated Plastic
  • Wood
  • Pre-Preg


  • Sign and Graphics
  • Digital Finishing
  • Packaging
  • Aerospace
  • Textiles
  • Banners
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