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How to get a Polished Edge Finish on Acrylic

Thursday February 27th, 2020

Tools and Method for Polished Edge Finish on Acrylic Because of its glasslike transparency; acrylic is typically the material of choice for display applications. Show cases used for displaying products of all types, for example, must have clear, polished edges to provide the maximum clearness and transparency. In addition to torch flame polishing, another method


Celebrating 13,000 Machines Sold

Thursday October 4th, 2018

Celebrate 13,000 Machines With Us! MultiCam is excited to announce that they have officially sold their 13,000th machine since founded in 1989. In order to commemorate this achievement, MultiCam will be regularly documenting the manufacturing process of their 13,000th machine, Celero Digital Cutting System, on this blog post before the machine makes its way to its new


Fuller Moto – Daisy Duke Motorcycle

Tuesday August 7th, 2018

Fuller Moto Motorcycle (Daisy Duke): The “Daisy Duke” is brain child of Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto and is built from a 2013 Custom KTM Duke 690 frame and has a Single-Cylinder Motor which produces 70 horsepower (69.8 Nm). It has a single-sided swing arm from a Ducati Monster S2R and the rear wheel from a Ducati


Save on a MultiCam CNC Machine with the Section 179 Tax Deduction

Thursday July 5th, 2018

2019 Overview Deduction Limit: $1,000,000 Spending Cap on Equipment Purchases: $2,500,000 Bonus Depreciation: 100% for 2019 What is Section 179? Section 179 is a Tax Code deduction which allows businesses to deduct the full purchase of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the current tax year. How does Section 179 work? Rather than


MultiCam Partners with UNT Engineering

Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

MultiCam had the privilege to sponsor three UNT Mechanical Engineering teams for their 2018 Senior Design Day Projects. Each team was tasked with mechanically improving original designs of MultiCam machines for their Senior Capstone Projects. The three teams are shown below: Team Saturn – Rotary Tool Changer (with the Cover) Team Level Jet – Waterjet Height Sensor Team


Have You Replaced Your Collets and Tool Holders?

Tuesday January 9th, 2018

Collets can be damaged without any visible signs. The most common problem is metal fatigue. An easy way to see if there is metal fatigue is to insert the tool shank into the back of the collet and then try it in the front side. If the tightness is not the same both ways, then


Why You Should Consider CAD/CAM Nesting Software

Wednesday November 29th, 2017

Today, customers need you to take on lower-volume jobs and turn them around in tight time frames, but only with limited resources. What used to be a tall order has now become a standard request. What can you do to meet stiff customer demands? Automate. Though we’re not to the point of pushing a button


When CNC Plasma Cutters Make a Sound Investment

Friday November 24th, 2017

Why would you invest in a CNC plasma cutter machine, and not a CNC laser or waterjet? Every type has its strengths and weaknesses. And these are some of the pros and cons you’ll find with CNC plasma cutters: Low Purchase Cost Plasma cutters, like any other CNC machine type, can have a wide cost


Simple Solutions to 6 CNC Plasma Cutting Mistakes

Sunday November 19th, 2017

Mistakes lead to wasted time and money. A good operator working on a well-maintained CNC plasma cutter saves your company thousands of hours and dollars, and generates you consistent revenue. Good operators know how to avoid the mistakes discussed below, and they should help your inexperienced team members learn how to avoid them too: Using


How MultiCam and the Section 179 Tax Deduction Can Help Your Business

Thursday November 16th, 2017

Are you looking to buy new manufacturing equipment to increase your throughput? Did you know you can buy a MultiCam system and also get HUGE money back from the government on taxes you already paid, while at the same time improving your costs of operation? Well, you’re in luck, thanks to the Section 179 Tax