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How to Machine Parts Too Big for Your CNC Machine

March 20, 2017

You get a unique customer order. They want you to manufacture them a few parts. And one of them is way larger than your CNC machine table can handle. Or, so you think. So what do you tell your customer? Do you say, “Sorry, I can’t help you with that. Here’s the name of someone Read more…


How to Budget for Your Next CNC Machine

March 13, 2017

Good CNC machinery isn’t cheap. You can pay as little as you want. But it’ll cost you in terms of quality and service. You’ll have things breaking down sooner than you’d like. That leads to disruption in production and that costs even more money and time. So, you’re going to have to make your decision Read more…


How to Find Your First CNC Machining Customers

March 6, 2017

Starting any kind of business isn’t easy. It’s the great American ideal – a dream to be a successful entrepreneur. But you never hear about the hard parts. Business can be downright maddening sometimes. So, say you’re considering starting a CNC machining business whether it is sign making or fabrication. You’re either an independent professional, Read more…


How to Grow Your CNC Programming Skills

February 20, 2017

Is anything easy to learn at first? If it is, that’s an indicator you might be learning the right skill for you. Some mistakenly believe learning CNC programming is “easy.” It’s easy to get started and nail the basics. But just like anything else, you can spend a lifetime mastering all the skills and nuances Read more…


6 Advantages of CNC Machining Over Conventional Machining

February 13, 2017

Do you use conventional machines in your personal shop or at your business? They do have some benefits, but so do CNC machines. If you’re considering adding CNC machines to your production processes, here are some reasons you may or may not want to: You Don’t Need Extensive Experience or Skills With conventional machines, you Read more…


4 Most Common CNC Machining Problems

February 6, 2017

Just like most current technological devices, most CNC machine problems are caused by: User error Lack of maintenance So, the majority of issues you run into are within your control. You can do quite a bit to avoid having these problems in the future. Here’s what to look for: If Your Material Has Burns on Read more…


Should You Buy New Or Used CNC Machinery?

January 31, 2017

Ultimately, only you can decide whether new or used CNC machinery makes sense for your business. However, this list outlines some of the top factors to consider when making your decision. Here are a few things to think about: What do you want to do with your CNC machine? The main difference between old and Read more…


4 CNC Machining Myths and Misunderstandings

January 30, 2017

How long have you been a CNC machinist? Years? Decades? Are you considering just getting started? Every profession has its facts – and misunderstandings. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the exaggerations and myths out there. Here’s some you may have heard: If You’ve Had Success Running a Job Before, You Read more…


4 Tips for Starting and Growing Your Own CNC Business

January 24, 2017

Where’s your CNC shop in its life cycle? Are you a rookie or a seasoned veteran? Do you have one machine or multiple machines that constantly manufacture? Are you a bustling factory with a long list of customers you need to keep happy? Regardless of where you’re manufacturing capabilities are at, you can benefit from Read more…


How to Tell if Your CNC Plasma Machine’s 5 Consumables Are Worn

December 5, 2016

You bought your CNC plasma cutting machine to make precise cuts on wide range of cuts and to keep your consumable costs low. You want to keep both of those benefits. But when your consumables wear down, you lose your precision cutting ability you’re your consumable costs start to go up. If you’re new to Read more…


How to Create the Right Warm-Up Routine for Your CNC Machine

November 29, 2016

Think of your favorite athlete. While you rarely see them warming up on TV, every professional athlete has a warm-up routine they use. If they don’t, they risk injury, and they often don’t perform as well during the contest. Though not human, your CNC machine works the same way and needs a warm-up routine of Read more…

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