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Material Applications for MultiCam Laser Cutters

Depending on the material you wish to cut, it is best to contact us a for our machine recommendation.

MultiCam’s 2000 Series Laser can be used for many applications on many different types of materials, both natural and man-made. As with all laser applications, operators should consult the MSDS(?) sheet for any material to be processed and pay close attention to the information regarding smoke or fumes produced when the material is heated and burned. The following materials are the most common for laser cutting. See our material matrix for machine comparison.


  • Vector Cutting

  • Raster Engraving

  • Nameplates

  • Sign Making

  • Control Panels

  • Displays

  • Polished-Edge Acrylic

  • Sheet-Metal Fabrication


Materials Best for Laser Cutting

  • Acrylic

  • ABS Plastic

  • Carbon Composite

  • Cardboard

  • Ceramic

  • Closed Cell Foam

  • Cork

  • Foam

  • Leather

  • Mild Steel - 12 ga & down

  • Mylar

  • Plastic

  • Polypropylene

  • Rubber - Silicon

  • Rubber Mat

  • Silicon

  • Stainless Steel - 1mm & down

  • Titanium

  • Vinyl

  • Wood

Acrylics – All cast and extruded acrylics can be processed with amazing results. The cut-edge is left with a fire-polished finish, reducing the need for a post-process after machining.

Woods and wood products – Laser cutting on wood and wood products leaves a charred cut edge but a very small kerf width, which can provide operators a limitless supply of possibilities.

Metals – The maximum power laser offered by MultiCam can cut carbon steel up to 4.0mm and stainless steel up to 1.0mm. Unlike the high kilowatt systems, the sealed tube design of the CO2 laser maintains a very low daily cost of operation.

Marble/Granite – The 2000 Series Laser cannot cut through, but can imprint amazing quality images on the surfaces of marble and granite. Polycarbonate – Thinner polycarbonate materials (e.g., Lexan) at 0.04” (1.0mm) can be laser cut with a dark brown to black cut edge.

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