4 Trends in Woodworking for 2015

Annie Mohaupt (cq), owner and shoemaker of Mohop (cq) shoes, uses a CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine used to cut wood blocks that will be cut into sandals at her shoe making space in Chicago, Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012. Mohaupt has been trying to expand her business for the last seven years. She ventured to China two years ago to have her shoes mass produced but after getting her shipment of shoes she realized that the shoes were flawed. After laying off her whole staff and taking time off to grieve, she got back on her feet, disassembled the shoes, fixed them and sold most of them. She hopes that 2013 will be a better year for her. (José M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune) B582545806Z.1 ….OUTSIDE TRIBUNE CO.- NO MAGS, NO SALES, NO INTERNET, NO TV, CHICAGO OUT, NO DIGITAL MANIPULATION…

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